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For Susette
oil on masonite
1956, 19x16 in
The African Monna Lisa
oil, 1974
Japanese Lady
oil on masonite
1994, 21x28 in
Pretty Neighbour With Cat
oil on masonite
1989, 21x28 in
oil on masonite
200x90 cm
The Venetian Lady
oil on masonite
160x106 cm
Somali Woman
oil, 1973
Turkish Adventure
oil on masonite
230x170 cm
Women on the Balcony Portrait of
Laura and Nicoletta
oil on masonite
1972, 28x59 in
Warm Wind of Rio
oil on masonite
90x180 cm
Portrait of Dino Buzzati
oil on masonite
1971, 33x43 in
Bull and Woman
in Front of the Mirror
oil, 1957, 102x74 cm
oil, 1983
Jubileum Madonna
oil, 1995

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Works by Salvatore Fiume



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