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Some of the following items are subject to expatriation licence by the Ministry for Arts and Culture of the Italian Government since they can be classed as "CULTURAL GOODS MORE THAN 50 YEARS OLD" (see LAW DECREE no. 490 dated 29-10-1999).

The Ministry shall answer within 90 days from our request for expatriation and exportation since the item must be physically viewed by a special examination committee. After that, if the answer is positive, the Ministry issues the document "Certificate of free circulation", which is a real passport for the item at issue, and will remain into validity for 3 years.

Therefore, if you are a NON-Italian customer and wish to buy one of these items, bear in mind that you will have to wait at least 90 days for the positive answer.

In the virtual store the items classed as "Cultural goods more than 50 years old" are highlighted with the red coloured caption CULTURAL GOOD.

For further information, please send an email to, at all events all information on this matter will be sent to your e-mailbox after confirming the order.











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