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LUIGI GILIBERTO is a painter from the Bergamo area, born in 1938 and still living, who is actively producing his works in his studio based in Bergamo, a city of Lombardy, in northern Italy. Initially inspired by Alebardi, Giliberto grew up, affirmed himself and found his identity, his measure. Besides Alebardi, Giliberto felt very close to Ernesto Quarti Marchiņ and Alessandro Volpi.
He moved to Spain for a short period of time, namely to Granada and Siviglia, to paint the local flavour.
His painting is born from the depiction of views-landscapes, he loves painting landscapes that are sometimes animated by figures on the background, but are also entirely comforting and irradiating a colour giving off joy of living.
He took part in several contests and exhibitions in many Italian and foreign cities, thus making himself known to the critics and to the public. In the year 1956 he took part in the "Premio Bergamo" event. In 1970 he exhibited his works in Milan within the frame of a collective exhibition with Guttuso, Cassinari, Morlotti, Dova, Lilloni, Tozzi. Since 1957 he has been actively present in Bergamo's pictorial life by holding several personal and group exhibitions. Giliberto's production ranges from landscapes to portraits and still-life works.
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Code: LG01

Towards Astino
volumetric weight Kg.12

Oil on canvas. Year 1992.
(size cm. 80x60 - in. 32x24).

Code: LG02

Mount Presolana from Vilminore village
volumetric weight Kg.6

Oil on canvas. Year 1998.
(size cm. 40x50 - in. 16x20).

Code: LG03

A school trip to the -montagnetta-
volumetric weight Kg.6

Oil on wood. Year 1991.
(size cm. 50x40 - in. 20x16).

Code: LG04

Mountain pasture at the Presolana
volumetric weight Kg.5

Oil on canvas. Year 1995.
(size cm. 60x25 - in. 24x10).

Code: LG05

A snowfall over S.Vigilio
volumetric weight Kg.5

Oil on wood. Year 1993.
(size cm. 37x44 - in. 14x17).

Code: LG06

A snowfall over Castagneta
volumetric weight Kg.5

Oil on cardboard. Year 1999.
(size cm. 35x45 - in. 14x18).

Code: LG07

Summer in Castagneta
volumetric weight Kg.9

Oil on canvas. Year 1999.
(size cm. 50x70 - in. 20x28).

Code: LG08

Spain landscape on the Sierra Nevada
volumetric weight Kg.12

Oil on canvas. Year 2000.
(size cm. 80x60 - in. 32x24).





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